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Arbitration Services

Please call us at 866-513-0568 to get started.

Pro Se Arbitration

If you have a dispute with another party – whether it is a neighbor or business, arbitration could help you obtain a binding decision and settlement to resolve your issue.  This is in lieu of “going to court” and can save you time and money in legal fees. 

For $99, our Arbitrator will review both parties’ claims and render a decision within 48 hours.  The fee may be paid by both parties or one, that is up to the parties.  All that is required is having parties motivated for a resolution.  If you have an agreement with a party, which requires arbitration in accordance with specific rules (such as the American Arbitration Association) you can use our service with agreement of all parties.

To begin the process, you will need to send the other party a formal demand for arbitration.  You may download that document by clicking here.

To review the biography of our primary arbitrator Honorable Arthur M. Ahalt (retired) click here.