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Document Review System

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The Highlights

General info -- We will review documents of 5 pages or less and provide you with legal advice based thereupon.  Click here to see the types of documents we will review.

Quick and Easy -- You can submit your document via email, facsimile or regular mail. Within a few hours of receipt, an attorney licensed in your state will review the document and contact you with information and advice.

Affordable -- The review AND the advice is only $49.95 and there is no time limit to your telephone consolation with the attorney.  Considering most attorneys charge at least $150 an hour for such tasks, this a real bargain.

In-depth Overview and Important Information

Unbundled Legal Services, LLC. attorneys will gladly review and interpret a wide variety of legal documents and provide you with legal advice on your position. Using our e-mail system you can compose your thoughts and write out a more complete history of your case describing your situation, at your convenience, in the comfort and privacy of your home or office. A Unbundled Legal Services, LLC. attorney will provide you with a quick and inexpensive assessment of your legal rights or liabilities. When you use Unbundled Legal Services, LLC., you don't have to make a trip into a law office, you receive information according to your schedule, and you receive the information quickly so you can act quickly.

Our lawyers’ responses are designed to provide you with decision-enabling options. When you receive your response, you should know if you have a case, understand what will be required to bring your case forward, and view your options for pursuing resolutions to your case in most cases on your own. If you need to hire a lawyer we will give you our objective opinion and make a referral to a qualified attorney in your area.

Our role in reviewing your documents is limited to helping you understand the legal effect of the document as drafted. In asking a Unbundled Legal Services, LLC. attorney to review a document you understand and agree that we can not assist you in redrafting the document unless the document was purchased from Unbundled Legal Services, LLC.’s selection of Legal Document Kits.

Simply e-mail us up to a 5 page document and we will either e-mail our opinion back to you or if you prefer, call you and discuss the matter with you over the phone. Our fee for this service is just $49.95. If the document is longer than 5 pages, please call us at 866-513-0568 for a quote.

What Types Of Documents will Unbundled Legal Services, LLC. Review?

Unbundled Legal Services, LLC. will review many types of documents: Standard form contracts, legal documents drafted by a lawyer that have been signed and executed by all parties, legal pleadings or forms that have been filed in court.

Small Claims
Small claim pleadings
Summons or Complaints
Consumer Contracts
Contracts for sale or lease of personal property like a car, a truck or a boat
Contracts to purchase services like home improvements, vacations
Domestic Relations
Uncontested Divorce Pleadings
Executed Separation Agreements
Real Estate
Residential or commercial property lease
Residential sale contract
HUD-1 forms (Residential home purchase settlement sheet)
Power of Attorney
Medical Directives
Simple Wills

How do I send Unbundled Legal Services, LLC. my document?

You can call us directly at 866-513-0568 to arrange payment, or you can use a credit card to pay the $49.95 fee by clicking here. Once payment is complete our system will give you a password that identifies your e-mail. Write your questions in the e-mail and attach the document for us to review. If you prefer to fax us the document, call our office at 866-513-0568 and we will help you with the details. Please specify whether you prefer an e-mail or telephone response. Our goal is to turn around our responses to you within 4 hours during the business day with 100% of our responses provided within one business day or we will provide the service for free- you can even specify a convenient time for us to call you.  Your email must include reference to the jurisdiction(s), i.e. the state(s), in which the legal problem arises.

Important Information

All documents must be sent to us in their entirety – not just passages or segments for us to review. This allows us the ability to provide you with accurate interpretation of your legal position because we see all of the relevant language of the document. We do not retain the documents after we complete the advice. We may also decline to answer your question if we feel we can not do an adequate job, in which case you will receive a refund.

In asking us to review your document you agree that our services will strictly be limited to the review of the document and comment on its legal effect. You acknowledge that Unbundled Legal Services, LLC. Attorneys will have no further responsibility with respect to drafting or modifying the document and will not negotiate terms or conditions of the document with any third person.

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