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Introducing legal advice your way.  Now you can submit a question to Unbundled Legal Services, LLC. via our form email system and pay for the service online.

Your question will be forwarded to an ULS attorney licensed in the appropriate jurisdiction.

As an added convenience, you may choose to have your question answered by the attorney via either email or telephone

After submitting your question, you will be prompted for your payment information over our secure connection.

You may pay online by either check or credit card.

The fee is only $34.95 whether you choose to receive your response via email or telephone!  And, just like our traditional service, there is no time limit to a telephone response.

Before beginning, you should read the rules regarding email questions.

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We provide answers on a range of topics,

  • Divorce, Separation, Child Support, Visitation, Name Change
  • Wills, Estates, Power of Attorney
  • Employment disputes
  • Debtor/Creditor/Bankruptcy
  • Small Claims
  • Landlord/Tennant
  • Home Purchase/Sale Contracts
  • Disputes with Auto Dealers or Home Improvement Contractors
  • Immigration
  • Social Security
  • Debt Collection

Our attorneys are also qualified to handle a variety of Small Business legal problems:

  • Incorporations/Partnerships/Limited Liability Companies
  • Debt Collection
  • Personal Guarantees
  • Patents, Trademarks, Intellectual Property
  • Buy/Sell Agreements
  • Employment, Consulting, Contractor Agreements
  • Severance Agreements
  • Employment disputes
  • Debtor/Creditor/Bankruptcy
  • Small Claims
  • Licenses
  • Equipment or Real Estate Leases or Purchase Contracts
  • Maritime law disputes

Think of all the ways you can use Unbundled Legal Services, LLC. to provide you with limited legal services:

  • Learning how the law applies to your specific situation;
  • Advice about availability of alternative means to resolve the dispute, including mediation and arbitration;
  • Evaluation of your self-diagnosis of the case and advising you about legal rights;
  • Guidance and procedural information for filing or serving documents;
  • Review of correspondence and documents;
  • Preparation and/or suggestion of documents to be prepared;
  • Legal research and analysis of particular points of law;
  • Planning for negotiations;
  • Planning for court appearances;

Referral to other counsel, experts or professionals.


1One Topic Area per Session:  Email questions will be limited to one topic area.  For example, you may submit several questions regarding a divorce at the time of intake, and your questions will be answered by the attorney.  You may not, however, submit multiple questions under multiple topics -- for example, one question regarding a divorce and another regarding an auto accident.  Rather, each topic area would require a separate email session and payment.

2.  Multiple Jurisdictions:  The vast majority of legal questions will pertain to the laws of only one jurisdiction.  Occasionally, however, jurisdictions overlap and, hence, questions may need to be answered by attorneys licensed in two or more jurisdictions.  In such cases, an additional fee of $24.95 will be applied for each additional jurisdiction.  You will be notified of this circumstance before any additional fees are charged and you will be given the option of canceling your order for a full refund before proceeding.

3.  Be Detailed:  As a general rule, if you choose to receive your response via email you will not be permitted to ask follow-up questions.  Accordingly, it is imperative that you provide as much information as possible during the intake process and ask all questions you anticipate.  If you believe that your situation is very complicated and will require follow-up questions and analysis, you are encourage to choose to receive your response via telephone instead of email.

4.  Response Time:  If you request a response via telephone, an ULS attorney will contact you within four hours of your submission.*  If you request a response via email, you will receive a written response within two business days of your submission.

Begin intake process.

* This assumes email submission is received during normal business hours and with sufficient time to permit a response within the four hour time frame.  ULS operates from  8:30 am to 6:30 pm, Eastern Time.  West Coast operations cease at  5 pm, Pacific Time.