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Our "No-Hassle" Guarantee

1) Phone Calls: If you are not satisfied with the quality of our services you can call us at 888-367-5252 and request a full refund. A supervisor will return your call, discuss your complaint and arrange for your refund. We cannot make refunds simply because you did not like the advice.

2) On-Line Documents: We guarantee that our documents will be accepted by the court for filing in your jurisdiction. If your filing is not accepted by the court we will refund 100% of your purchase price. We cannot make refunds for documents you download and simply decide not to use.

3) All other Services: If you change your mind after your purchase one of our products and would like a refund, call us at 888-367-5252. If we have not provided any level of service, including but not limited to, preparation or review of documents, delivery of documents to the court, private process server etc., you will be refunded the purchase price less a 20% handling fees. If we have provided services related to the filing of the documents in court, all out of pocket expenses we have incurred will also be deducted from your refund. Out of pocket costs may include our labor, court costs, filing fees, postage, process fees and/or search fees.


No person should rely or act upon information or materials available from this site without professional advice. Viewing of these materials does not constitute a client relationship.


Just as we promise to ensure the confidentiality of your legal situation, we also promise to safeguard your personal information. We will never sell or improperly distribute any of your personal or demographic information. The information you provide about yourself- whether over the phone or online- is stored in our secure database and is maintained only to track you as a client and to ensure that we avoid any conflicts of interest.

We use only the most secure SSL encryption technology in order to safeguard the transmission of your personal and your payment information from your computer to our servers and from our servers to the payment processors. Your personal and payment information is always maintained on secure servers.


We are a debt relief agency. We help people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code.