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Ten reasons to choose Unbundled Legal Services, LLC.:  866-513-0568

1. Established -- Unbundled Legal Services, LLC. has been serving clients over the phone and the Internet since 1997. We've been around long enough to know our clients' needs and to perfect our product offerings.
2. State-Specific Advice -- You will speak to an attorney licensed in the appropriate jurisdiction (state).
3. Actual Legal Advice -- other legal telephone services use only local attorneys who cannot give legal advice to persons outside the services' home states. These so-called "advice" services get around these ethical rules by stating, in fine print, that their attorneys offer only "general legal information" and not actual legal advice. If you're paying for the call, don't you want to speak with an attorney that can actually provide you with advice?
4. Ethically Sound -- because our attorneys are respectively licensed throughout the United States, we do not face the ethical dilemmas of other services, which try to walk that thin line between "information" and "advice." We don't try to fool you. If you're speaking with an ULS attorney, you have every opportunity to receive the legal advice you need.
5. Quick -- We usually connect callers with an attorney immediately after receiving payment information. Regardless, we guaranty a call back within two hours.
6. Private -- We do not record telephone conversations with attorneys. Indeed, because we are a law firm, your conversations with ULS attorneys are privileged and confidential. Moreover, we never sell or distribute anyone's personal information.
7. Comfortable and Convenient -- You can talk to the attorney from the comfort and convenience of your home or office. No need to drive, sometimes hours, to meet face-to-face.
8. Inexpensive -- Most attorneys charge $150, or more, per hour, even just to listen to you. With our service, you pay a flat fee of $34.95 and THERE IS NO TIME LIMIT TO THE CALL!
9. Quality -- Callers are matched with attorneys with experience in the appropriate area of law. On average, ULS attorneys have practiced law for at least ten years and, in many cases, the number is closer to 20. With ULS, you can rest assured you're speaking with an experienced attorney who can provide you with real advice and information about your problems.
10. Efficient -- Our attorneys keep confidential and privileged notes for each caller. As noted above, this privileged information is never sold or disseminated to others. However, our attorneys can use these notes to quickly follow up on a situation with a caller and/or quickly access a caller's history.
Conclusion: As set forth above, our telephone service is unlike anything offered by our competitors, whether online or via the telephone. We offer real advice, specific to your situation, from attorneys licensed in your jurisdiction, all at a fraction of the cost of hiring a local attorney. Don't settle for anything less!